My First Week on Twitter – N00b’s Subjective Observations

I am new to Twitter. This is a brief summary of my experience of the first seven days since I’ve joined.

From a n00b’s point of view, the Twitter consists of the following groups, roughly approximated:

– 40% Adult services,
– 40% Self-published writers
– 5% web designers
– 3% Stoners
– 2% Miscellaneous self-promotion

Obviously, this perception is subjective. The numbers are based on the people who followed me in the first seven days. Have I tried and seek out who to follow, the spread might have being different. Or would it? 😛

I don’t know much about social networks and how to utilize them. I do know some basic Game Theory, however. Social Networking Game is your basic Tit-fo-Tat or Reciprocity game. If you do enough favors for the other player, he or she is bound to return at least some of them.

In Twitter settings, the simplest moves or favors are – Following, Re-Twitting, Mentions (or Twitting @; different in purpose, technically the same) and Following Back. Here’s the perceived effectiveness of these moves after a week of observation:

Following. I haven’t tried to follow anyone first. I did, however, look at the proportion of Following to Followers on the accounts that actively follow new members. In about 90% of cases, about 50 to 98 percent of people whose accounts were Followed, reciprocated by a Follow back and staying for a long run. I theorize such a large spread is explained either by content or the perception of expected reciprocity.

Re-Twitting. Re-Twitting on accounts I already followed. 20% of those accounts return the favor, mostly by Mentions. Re-Twitting on accounts I did not follow resulted in less than 10% of those accounts following me back.

Mentions. I tried this only once and it was an instant follow. It was, however, combined with a book review I posted on Amazon so it was not a clear-cut situation. As such, I cannot provide numbers on the effectiveness of Mentions at this time.

Following Back. I did not automatically Follow Back everyone who followed me. Not counting above-mentioned various adult services, out of people whom I didn’t Follow back slightly above 80% Un-Followed me, usually in the first 3 days. Of the ones I Followed-Back, 100% stayed.

It is worth mentioning that I have not done much to actually attract attention on Twitter. I twitt only a few times a day and two-thirds of my twitts are usually re-twitts. In one week I’ve collected 12 followers. About 2.5 times that number have followed me and dropped off.

So, this was my experience of the first week on Twitter. Was it similar to yours? Please comment, I’d like to compare notes.



P.S. What’s a propper way to say – “I twitt”, “Twitts” and “Re-Twitts”? I feel like this spelling is wrong somehow. Anyone knows?


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