How to Get Re-Tweeted – And Why You Aren’t

I have at least seven followers whose own following is above one thousand people. Five of those have over ten thousand followers.

One would think that if I tweet something interesting and they Re-Tweet it, I would get some very nice exposure. The problem, however, is that they don’t Re-Tweet. Why not?

The answer to that is pretty simple. Most of the time, they don’t see my tweets. As in – the people I follow, Follow each of their followers back. Let’s say you have ten thousand plus followers and Follow them back. What does your Twitter Wall looks like then? It must be akin to looking at a search for a trending Hashtag. Perhaps you notice one tweet in a dozen out of what pops up on the screen. Considering you are not glued to the Twitter 24/7, you would probably read only one tweet out of a hundred from your Twitter wall.

So, how to get noticed in that sea of digital noise?

One of the moves you can make is to Re-Tweet other people’s tweets for a while and hope they will do the same.

The Game Theory postulates that if you do enough favors for other players, they will return some of them. On Twitter it works thus – you make your move and Re-Tweet; and you repeat this move several times in hopes for the move to be reciprocated. Solid strategy, right?

This is what happens in practice – 20% of the time other players will return the favor. However, the chances are you will not get the payoff you were looking for. What you will get instead is a Mention. While Mention is a strong return move, for your purposes it is worthless since you wanted your payoff be a Re-Tweet.

Therefore a Re-Tweet, while it does collect you lots of Karma points 🙂 , is not your strongest move if your goal is to be Re-Tweeted.

So, is doing random Mentions in hopes to accumulate some good will a better move for you then? Not really. You will get a Re-Tweet of your Mention 20 to 30 percent of the time but the Tweet you want to be Re-Tweeted most likely won’t be. Why? Pretty much for the same reason Re-Tweeting didn’t work – no one is likely to see it.

The only time the above will prove false if you are friends with people you tweet at. Then they will probably will look for your tweets and Re-Tweet them regularly.

So than, is it the answer – making personal connection with people? Yes and no.

You should have friends and acquaintances who would do you favors and Re-Tweet your posts. If you don’t have any, make some. Twitter aside, life is better with some friends. But if ten thousand people follow you, can you make friends with all of them? And on the other side of the coin – if people who follow you already have tens of thousands followers, are they really interested in making friends on Twitter?

Not very likely.

The only practical move left is Twitting @. As in – tweet something you wanted to be Re-Tweeted and add Twitter names of people you want to Re-Tweet in your post. Maybe add “Please RT” at the end. How well would it work I don’t yet know but it’s worth a try. With one stipulation, of course. Before you try that move, you really need to accumulate some Good Will points with the people you’ll try that on. This way, they just might Re-Tweet.

I am planning to do just that. I’ll let you know how it went.

So, this is my line of reasoning so far. Let me know what you think.


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