Charity Drive for the Migraine Research Foundation – The End and the Total

Charity Drive for the Migraine Research Foundation is officially over!

Just in case someone missed the memo 😛

Let’s calculate the total:

Right before the Migraine Charity Drive began on June 26th, I had 17 sales.
On June 30th, The number of sales went up to 23.
Since Amazon doesn’t post sale’s data immediately, I waited till June 3rd. So, there was one more sale registered for July.
This makes it 7 sales during the fundraiser.

The books are 99c and my royalties from each sale are 35c. That brings us to a whooping $2.45 collected for MRF.

What can I say, good thing I pledged $50 in advance 😛

And, there’s one more dollar in the tally on behalf of Helen White on account of her being nice. Tell her Thanks on Twitters, BTW:

Which brings us to a total of $53.45.

So, this is my donation to MRF, with the help of everyone who bought the books. I hope that the direct donations this great organization received during the time of the Charity drive was many times more.

Here are the screenshots from Amazon’s sales report:

Once again, My Thanks go to Shoshana Werber, MRF’s Senior Development and Marketing Manager, for helping me figure out what I need to do in order to make this event happen and Teri Robert, for pointing me towards a worthy charitable organization that really cares about migraineurs.

Big Thank You to Charity Parkerson  for huge help in spreading the word around.

Shutout to:

Zoe Saadia
AO Bibliophile
Elise Stokes
Ford Forkum

and Melina Turner

For help with the re-tweets and donations, just to name a few.

Also, everyone who helped selflessly me with their support and ideas and attended FB event – you know who you are – thank you!

And please don’t forget – while this fundraiser is over, you can still – should, I’d better say – donate to the Migraine Research Foundation:

Also, check them out on Twitter @MigraineRF and on Facebook

Feel free to ask me any follow-up questions. I am on Twitter @olegmedvedkov and on Facebook



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