Blind Veil by Michael Lorde – Excerpt

About the Author: Michael was raised in a rural town in upstate New York and has two sons and two daughters. After living in a warmer climate for nearly thirty years, Michael has since moved back north with the youngest daughter of the four. They are dog lovers and have two. Blind Veil is Michael’s debut novel.


It’s a golden rule in law enforcement that you never handcuff in the front. There are very few exceptions: obesity, pregnant females, some juveniles. The pat down was a joke too. He leaned forward, to conceal the pocket knife that remained deep in his shorts pocket. If he’d felt any deadly threat from them, it would have been over long before now.
He was once again being detained against his will and that led Simms to instantly dislike the man in front of him. It was something to do with his mannerism. Simms drank the watered down coffee, sizing him up the whole time.
He was fortyish, probably married to a woman he ignored. He forced himself to appear decent to people, though he was anything but. He was balding but, instead of a comb-over, he elected to trim the thin wisp of hair on top extra short in order to minimize its contrast. With his ashen complexion, he resembled a vampire Simms saw in a movie once, the skin punctuated here and there with deep acne scars. The man stood at the doorway wheezing softly. He was antsy, waiting while trying to relax at the same time. His oversized forehead sported a unibrow and his dark mustache was almost lost under his large nose. His ears were disproportionately small, like dried peaches. One hand hung at his side, hovering over his weapon, and the other drummed with annoyance on his thigh. He attempted a professional stance, deliberately extending what little chest he had as far out as possible over his belly. No doubt he practiced this before a mirror. In his black suit and starched white shirt, he reminded Lamont of a penguin; a large, odd, unlikeable sort of penguin.
“Do you want to tell me why the hell I’m still handcuffed?” Simms demanded.
This man was uncomfortable to be here and it suddenly occurred to Simms what a threat he posed to the agent. These people didn’t know a thing about him. It was time to use this to his advantage. After three days with Byron, he was out of patience.

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