What is the difference between tall and high?


A simple question and some profound answers:




Funny I Hate@FunnyIHate

What is the difference between tall and high?




@FunnyIHate Tall and high measure height from a plane of reference, but tall doesn’t permit upward separation from the plane (high does).


Barbara Phinney@BarbaraPhinney

@FunnyIHate Tall means t\it touched the ground. High means I may not touch the ground.


Ed Champlin@EdChamplin1

@FunnyIHate Tall is physical stature. High is an altered state of mind.


Don Martin Tall is a descriptive, high is positional.


Pam Ershler Gladden High is a state of mind. You can be short and high but you can’t be short and tall. =)


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Review for “Apart from Love” by Uvi Poznansky

Apart From Love

Click on image to read a sample of the novel on Amazon.


To me, this novel is reminiscent of a Chinese mystery from Ming Dynasty. Allow me to elaborate – we know WHAT crime was committed; we know HOW it was done; we know WHO committed the crime. Now we need to find answers to the following questions – WHY the crime was committed and what PUNISHMENT the criminal would or deserve to receive.

Take it from there and we spend a lot of time inside main characters’ heads unraveling these mysteries all through the story which makes for a fascinating and twisted reading…

Read more: http://www.amazon.com/review/R74SV9NZE6CYL/

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Blind Veil by Michael Lorde – Excerpt

About the Author: Michael was raised in a rural town in upstate New York and has two sons and two daughters. After living in a warmer climate for nearly thirty years, Michael has since moved back north with the youngest daughter of the four. They are dog lovers and have two. Blind Veil is Michael’s debut novel.


It’s a golden rule in law enforcement that you never handcuff in the front. There are very few exceptions: obesity, pregnant females, some juveniles. The pat down was a joke too. He leaned forward, to conceal the pocket knife that remained deep in his shorts pocket. If he’d felt any deadly threat from them, it would have been over long before now.
He was once again being detained against his will and that led Simms to instantly dislike the man in front of him. It was something to do with his mannerism. Simms drank the watered down coffee, sizing him up the whole time.
He was fortyish, probably married to a woman he ignored. He forced himself to appear decent to people, though he was anything but. He was balding but, instead of a comb-over, he elected to trim the thin wisp of hair on top extra short in order to minimize its contrast. With his ashen complexion, he resembled a vampire Simms saw in a movie once, the skin punctuated here and there with deep acne scars. The man stood at the doorway wheezing softly. He was antsy, waiting while trying to relax at the same time. His oversized forehead sported a unibrow and his dark mustache was almost lost under his large nose. His ears were disproportionately small, like dried peaches. One hand hung at his side, hovering over his weapon, and the other drummed with annoyance on his thigh. He attempted a professional stance, deliberately extending what little chest he had as far out as possible over his belly. No doubt he practiced this before a mirror. In his black suit and starched white shirt, he reminded Lamont of a penguin; a large, odd, unlikeable sort of penguin.
“Do you want to tell me why the hell I’m still handcuffed?” Simms demanded.
This man was uncomfortable to be here and it suddenly occurred to Simms what a threat he posed to the agent. These people didn’t know a thing about him. It was time to use this to his advantage. After three days with Byron, he was out of patience.

Where to Purchase Blind Veil:

AMAZON: http://ow.ly/aQWPe
BARNES AND NOBLES: http://ow.ly/aQXj7
AMAZON UK: http://ow.ly/aQYiS
SMASHWORDS: http://ow.ly/aQYdA

Follow Michael on other sites:

TWITTER: @BlindVeil
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/AuthorMichaelLorde
BLOG: http://ow.ly/aQYDk

Charity Drive for the Migraine Research Foundation – The End and the Total

Charity Drive for the Migraine Research Foundation is officially over!

Just in case someone missed the memo 😛

Let’s calculate the total:

Right before the Migraine Charity Drive began on June 26th, I had 17 sales.
On June 30th, The number of sales went up to 23.
Since Amazon doesn’t post sale’s data immediately, I waited till June 3rd. So, there was one more sale registered for July.
This makes it 7 sales during the fundraiser.

The books are 99c and my royalties from each sale are 35c. That brings us to a whooping $2.45 collected for MRF.

What can I say, good thing I pledged $50 in advance 😛

And, there’s one more dollar in the tally on behalf of Helen White on account of her being nice. Tell her Thanks on Twitters, BTW: https://twitter.com/Helen_White2011

Which brings us to a total of $53.45.

So, this is my donation to MRF, with the help of everyone who bought the books. I hope that the direct donations this great organization received during the time of the Charity drive was many times more.

Here are the screenshots from Amazon’s sales report:

Once again, My Thanks go to Shoshana Werber, MRF’s Senior Development and Marketing Manager, for helping me figure out what I need to do in order to make this event happen and Teri Robert, for pointing me towards a worthy charitable organization that really cares about migraineurs.

Big Thank You to Charity Parkerson https://twitter.com/CharityParkerso  for huge help in spreading the word around.

Shutout to:

Zoe Saadia https://twitter.com/ZoeSaadia
AO Bibliophile https://twitter.com/aobibliophile
Elise Stokes https://twitter.com/CassidyJonesAdv
Ford Forkum https://twitter.com/FordForkum

and Melina Turner https://www.facebook.com/Melina.turner003

For help with the re-tweets and donations, just to name a few.

Also, everyone who helped selflessly me with their support and ideas and attended FB event – you know who you are – thank you!

And please don’t forget – while this fundraiser is over, you can still – should, I’d better say – donate to the Migraine Research Foundation:


Also, check them out on Twitter @MigraineRF and on Facebook facebook.com/migraineresearch

Feel free to ask me any follow-up questions. I am on Twitter @olegmedvedkov and on Facebook facebook.com/OlegMedvedkov




A Life Among The Pages

Two weeks ago I sent out and announcement to you all about a special event coming up.  This event is INDIE WEEK! Many of you know a little about it by now and many of you are also taking part. Thank you so much.

I just wanted to give a brief update today because things are falling into place and i figured you might want to know what I’ve been busy doing. So here it is:

I’ve gotten A LOT of response in such a short time for this event. Within the first few days I had a nice sized list of authors and bloggers alike who wanted to contribute. This list has increased, and even today continues to grow. At the moment there are about 10 participants, and a few others who might join in on the fun. The topics of the posts will be ranging from the classic

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Funding Research for Migraine Cures through Laughter! Charity Drive for the Migraine Research Foundation July 1st – Last Day!


This is the last day of  Charity Drive for the Migraine Research Foundation.

Thank you to all who joined in and helped with this. Still, there’s one more day left so, please keep on keeping on!


1.  Click here to see “Take a Break & Have a Laugh” books on Amazon. All the loyalties from each sale will go directly to Migraine Research Foundation.

2.  If you prefer, you can donate to Migraine Research Foundation separately on their website: migraineresearchfoundation.org

3.  Please help to spread the word – Tweets, Facebook Shares and Blog Posts will be greatly appreciated. MFR – @MigraineRF and facebook.com/migraineresearch, Oleg Medvedkov – @olegmedvedkov and  facebook.com/OlegMedvedkov

If you are on Facebook, please join us at the event:




Funding Research for Migraine Cures through Laughter – Charity Drive for the Migraine Research Foundation June 29-30

Funding Research for Migraine Cures through Laughter – Charity Drive for the Migraine Research Foundation


Q: How much those books cost?

A: All the books from Take a Break & Have a Laugh Series are $0.99 or ninety-nine cents.

Q: How would we know that you gave ALL the money to charity?

A: I am going to post screenshots from Amazon’s Month-to-Date Unit Sales. The first one – right before the fundraiser goes in effect, to show how many sales I had before. The last one – right after it ended to show everyone the number of books sold and you are welcome to count them. I am also planning to post some results daily, just to keep things interesting.

Q: Why are the books on Amazon?

A: Amazon is a secure and trusted platform and almost everyone shops there.

Q: How much in royalties are we talking about from a sale of a single book?

A: For books that cost $0.99, a writer gets from Amazon 35% royalties.

Q: How would you, Oleg, benefit from this?

A: I have migraines. If, as a migraineur, I help funding research into migraine treatments, it will benefit me as well as other tens of millions of migraine sufferers in the US alone. Also, as a writer, I get more people to read my books. So, as you can see, I am benefiting twice. 😛

Q: You have a Russian-sounding name. Are you a member of Russian Mafia?

A: No, I am not. Or, for my linguistically-talented readers – Nyet, tovarisch 😛 .

Q: That baby you are holding in your profile picture, where did you get it?

A: That’s my nephew, Brent, when he was in his kitten stage. Now he is three years old and can skateboard. So there 😛

Please don’t forget to join us at the event on Facebook –> Just Click Here.


Writing Commando: Author, Olev Medvedkov – Finding a Cure Through Laughter

Writing Commando: Author, Olev Medvedkov – Finding a Cure Through Laughter.

Funding Research for Migraine Cures through Laughter! Charity Drive for the Migraine Research Foundation – June 28


Just a reminder on the activities:

1.  Click here to see “Take a Break & Have a Laugh” books on Amazon. Pick a book you like, buy it and ALL the loyalties from each sale will go directly to Migraine Research Foundation.

2.  Or, donate to Migraine Research Foundation directly on their website: migraineresearchfoundation.org

3. Check out National Migraine Awareness Month Facebook Event by Teri Robert and Ellen Schnakenberg:

and our own event:



Any questions or suggestions – feel free contact me through FB or Twitter. Please don’t be shy.




MEL’S PROJECTS is accepting anthology submissions for their anthology – Guest Post

The good news is that MEL’S PROJECTS is accepting anthology submissions for their first ever anthology, Unhappily Ever After.

Make a short story entry of 5000 – 7500 (poems are accepted too).
The theme is dark and unhappily ever after other than that it is open.
Right now the payment will be in the form of 5 copies of the completed book to do as you wish (sell/giveaway/whatever you wish) and one copy for you.
You will get 4 proofs, 2 for the first round of editing and 2 for the second round.
The big point is that you will keep all right to your big story and character, but the writer will agree not to publish or sell to another magazine/anthology for 90 days after it’s published (so 90 days from date of publiscation we have exclusive rights ro print the exclusive rights to print the story) after 90 days you can sell or submit for other anthologies or publish yourself) if it is already published you agree that you sole rights to the work, and you own the copyright.

This anthology is open NOW! Till the end of October!
Please if you can send your submission to both melina-jade @ hotmail.com and KCRochholz @ yahoo.co

Thanks guys


Visit Mel’s Projects on Facebook:


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